ACM SIGSPATIAL 2021 will be run in a hybrid model this year with two events. The in-person event will be based on Beijing time zone for local participants, and the virtual event is for non-local participants, based on US time zones. Presenters will participate in the Q&A part for both events. All talks will be made available to registered participants via the in-person event and the Zoom based virtual event.

Author registration:

Each accepted conference and GIS CUP paper requires one paid registration. Authors from Mainland China are required to participate the conference in-person at Beijing, and the registration type will be “in-person”. Other authors who participate the virtual events will register as “virtual”. Authors are required to provide the Paper IDs during the registration. The presenters of all papers are required to attend Q&A part in both the in-person event and the virtual event.

Each accepted workshop and SRC paper requires one paid registration as “virtual”. Local SRC and workshop authors are also encouraged to participate the conference in-person at Beijing, and the registration type will be “in-person”.

(1USD is about 6.5 CNY)

Type Early (before or on Oct 20) Late (after Oct 20)
In-person Regular
$600 / 3900 CNY $700 / 4550 CNY
Regular (Non-Member) $700 / 4550 CNY $800 / 5200 CNY
Student $400 / 2600 CNY $500 / 3250 CNY
Virtual Regular
Regular (Non-Member) $220
Student $120

Non-author registration:

Non-author in-person Beijing event registration:

Non-authors from Mainland China are encouraged to participate in the conference in-person at Beijing, and the registration type will be “in-person”. Other non-authors who would like to participate the virtual events in US and Europe timezones could register as “virtual”.

Non-author virtual event registration:

Up to 1000 FREE registrations are provided for non-presenting co-authors as well as non-authors. Please ignore the price and use the voucher code "iSpatial21" at checkout (reducing the price to $0).
(You will be refunded if you paid the registration fee earlier as a non-presenting co-author or non-author.)

Cancellation Policy:

For cancellations up to and including Oct. 20, 2021 there will be a charge of $40. In case of a cancellation afterwards, the total registration fee will be retained and no refunds will be made. However, substitutions may be made at any time at no charge. In the case of a substitution, you will need to log into the registration system and insert the name of the substitute person. If you are the only author registered for your paper, there is NO cancellation after the camera ready copy and the copyright form of your paper has been submitted (you can still transfer the registration to another author). Changes and cancellations must be sent in written form to one of the registration chairs, whose information are listed as follows.

Become a SIGSPATIAL member for just $15 (students $6)!

We strongly encourage you to become a SIGSPATIAL member for just $15 (students $6). This will help grow and strengthen our community. So please take a few minutes to become a SIGSPATIAL member. Thanks.

SIGSPATIAL membership

Register for in-person event at Beijing:

Register for virtual event:

(Non-presenting co-authors as well as non-authors: use the voucher code "iSpatial21" at checkout for FREE registration.)

If you have any questions, please contact:

Bolong Zheng, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Phone: +86 18310027383
Bin Yang, Aalborg University, Denmark
Phone: +45 99409976
Yanjie Fu, University of Central Florida, USA
Phone: +1 (407)823-4993