SIGSPATIAL 2021 Talk Recording and Uploading Instructions

ACM SIGSPATIAL 2021 will be run in a hybrid model this year, with two independent events, an in-person event at Beijing for local participants, and a virtual event for non-local participants. Presenters are asked to participate in the Q&A part for both events. If you are a local presenter at Beijing, you will present in the physical meeting and participate in Q&A for the virtual event; if you are a non-local presenter, you will join virtually for Q&A on your paper in both events.

The deadline for uploading your recorded video is: October 18, 2021 (Anywhere on Earth).

Video Recording

To prepare the conference, we are asking all presenting authors to prepare and record their talks ahead of time, and have videos uploaded ahead of the conference. The videos will be made available at YouTube and Bilibili before and during the conference. We also allow presenters to opt-in during registration to releasing their videos to the public after the conference. To ensure that we have enough time to set up the conference, we need your videos by October 18, 2021 (Anywhere on Earth). This is a hard deadline.

To ensure your presentation is able to be played and of high quality, please make sure that you prepare a video that is in mp4 format.

The following is a list of video durations for different types of talks:

  • Research, industrial or systems papers: 12 minutes
  • Poster papers: 4 minutes
  • Demo papers: 6 minutes

Failure to adhere to the length and formatting requirements may lead to your video not being shown. A video that is 15 seconds longer than the time limit will not be shown.

We strongly recommend you use the Zoom application (the desktop client version) to record your talk. A tutorial on how to record your talk with Zoom can be found at:

That said, you are welcome to use other professional screen recording software (e.g., Camtasia, VidGrid) if you have access. Please make sure you include a picture-in-picture window so that the presenter is always visible in the video.

Please consider the following for creating high quality recordings:

  • To improve audio quality, please:
    • Consider using earphones and a microphone if the built-in microphone of your computer has limited quality.
    • Consider recording in an isolated room without background noise.
    • Test your recording to ensure your audio quality is of high quality.
  • To ensure video quality:
    • Please use either full HD (1080p) or 720p resolution.
    • Make sure your presentation app (e.g., PowerPoint) runs in a full-screen mode.
    • Use Zoom virtual background if you do not want to show your room.
  • Please have the speaker shown in a picture-in-picture window so viewers can see the speaker.

Video Upload

Once you have your video ready, please follow the instructions below to upload the video.

Deadline: October 18, 2021 (Anywhere on Earth)

STEP 1: Please register your paper at the registration page. During the registration, you have the option to opt-in to releasing your video presentation to the public after the conference.

STEP 2: Name your file according to the following scheme.

  1. Research, systems, or industrial experience papers: please name your video filename using your paper ID. e.g., 111.mp4.
  2. Poster papers: please name your video filename with “poser” as the prefix, followed by your paper ID, e.g., poster55.mp4.
  3. Demo papers: please name your video filename with “demo” as the prefix, followed by your paper ID, e.g., demo23.mp4.

STEP 3: Upload your file to Dropbox. You will need to upload your video recordings following the URL below:

DropBox URL:

Main Conference:

If you could not access DropBox, please go to ( a free account allows you to send a file up to 2GB), and send the file to


If you have any questions on video recording and uploading, please contact