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Tuesday, November 2, 2021


Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Opening session

Session 1:Human Mobility

  • Reinforced Feature Extraction and Multi-Resolution Learning for Driver Mobility Fingerprint Identification
    Mahan Tabatabaie, Suining He and Xi Yang

  • Quantifying Intrinsic Value of Information of Trajectories
    Kien Nguyen, John Krumm and Cyrus Shahabi

  • Brownian Bridge Interpolation for Human Mobility?
    John Krumm

  • From motion purpose to perceptive spatial mobility prediction
    Licia Amichi, Aline Viana Carneiro, Mark Crovella and Antonio Loureiro

  • A Semantic Segmentation based POI Coordinates Generating Framework for On-demand Food Delivery Service(Industrial Paper)
    Yatong Song, Jiawei Li, Liying Chen, Shuiping Chen, Renqing He and Zhizhao Sun

Coffee Break

Session 2: Spatial Data Mining and Machine Learning

  • Parallel Co-location Pattern Mining based on Neighbor-Dependency Partition and Column Calculation
    Peizhong Yang, Lizhen Wang, Xiaoxuan Wang, Lihua Zhou and Hongmei Chen

  • A-GWR: Fast and Accurate Geospatial Inference via Augmented Geographically Weighted Regression
    Mohammad Reza Zare Shahneh, Amr Magdy and Samet Oymak

  • Spatial-Net: A Self-Adaptive and Model-Agnostic Deep Learning Framework for Spatially Heterogeneous Datasets
    Yiqun Xie, Xiaowei Jia, Han Bao, Xun Zhou, Jia Yu, Rahul Ghosh and Praveen Ravirathinam

  • Worbel: Aggregating Point Labels into Word Clouds
    Sujoy Bhore, Robert Ganian, Guangping Li, Martin Nöllenburg and Jules Wulms

  • Improving Neural Models for the Retrieval of Relevant Passages to Geographical Queries
    João Coelho, João Magalhães and Bruno Martins

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Poster/Demo Session 1A[Online]


Poster/Demo Session 1B[Online]


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Session 3: System and Privacy

  • GPU-based Real-time Contact Tracing at Scale (Systems Paper)
    Dejun Teng, Akshay Nehe, Prajeeth Emanuel, Furqan Baig, Jun Kong and Fusheng Wang

  • Multimodal Fusion of Satellite Images and Crowdsourced GPS Traces for Robust Road Attribute Detection
    Yifang Yin, An Tran, Ying Zhang, Wenmiao Hu, Guanfeng Wang, Jagannadan Varadarajan, Roger Zimmermann and See-Kiong Ng

  • HTF: Homogeneous Tree Framework for Differentially-Private Release of Location Data
    Sina Shaham, Gabriel Ghinita, Ritesh Ahuja, John Krumm and Cyrus Shahabi

  • A Closer Look: Evaluating Location Privacy Empirically
    Liyue Fan and Ishan Gote

  • Handling Fuzzy Spatial Data in R using the fsr Package (Systems Paper)
    Anderson Chaves Carniel, Felippe Galdino, Juliana Strieder Philippsen and Markus Schneider


Invited talk 1

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Session 4: Spatial database - 1

  • Feat-SKSJ: Fast and Exact Algorithm for Top-k Spatial-Keyword Similarity Join
    Daichi Amagata, Shohei Tsuruoka, Yusuke Arai and Takahiro Hara

  • The Raptor Join Operator for Processing Big Raster + Vector Data
    Samriddhi Singla, Ahmed Eldawy, Tina Diao, Ayan Mukhopadhyay and Elia Scudiero

  • Distributed Spatio-Temporal kNN Join Using Apache Spark
    Ruiyuan Li, Rubin Wang, Junwen Liu, Zizheng Yu, Huajun He, Tianfu He, Sijie Ruan, Jie Bao, Chao Chen, Fuqiang Gu, Liang Hong and Yu Zheng

  • A Learned Query Optimizer for Spatial Join
    Tin Vu, Alberto Belussi, Sara Migliorini and Ahmed Eldawy

  • STAR: A Cache-based Distributed Warehouse System for Spatial Data Streams
    Zhida Chen, Gao Cong and Walid Aref

Coffee Break

Session 5: Spatial database - 2

  • Last Mile Delivery Considering Time-Dependent Locations
    Camila Ferreira Costa and Mario Nascimento

  • Most Diverse Near-Shortest Paths
    Christian Häcker, Panagiotis Bouros, Theodoros Chondrogiannis and Ernst Althaus

  • Discovering Mixture-Based Best Regions of Arbitrary Shapes
    Dimitrios Skoutas, Dimitris Sacharidis and Kostas Patroumpas

  • On Practical Nearest Sub-Trajectory Queries under the Fréchet Distance
    Joachim Gudmundsson, Martin P. Seybold and John Pfeifer

  • Efficient topology-aware simplification of large triangulated terrains
    Yunting Song, Riccardo Fellegara, Federico Iuricich and Leila De Floriani

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Poster/Demo Session 2A[Online]


Poster/Demo Session 2B[Online]


Coffee Break

Session 6: Urban applications

  • Modeling Real Estate Dynamics using Temporal Encoding
    Chen Jiang, Jingjing Li, Wenlu Wang and Wei-Shinn Ku

  • Attention-Based Spatial Interpolation for House Price Prediction
    Darniton Viana and Luciano Barbosa

  • Accelerated Assessment of Critical Infrastructure in Aiding Recovery Efforts During Natural and Human-made Disaster (Industrial Paper)
    Gautam Thakur, Kelly Sims, Chantelle Rittmaier, Joseph Bentley, Debraj De, Junchuan Fan, Rachel Palumbo, Jesse McGaha, Phil Nugent, Tao Liu, Tyler Sheldon, Bryan Eaton, Jordan Burdette, Delenia Wray and Kevin Sparks

  • Collaboratively inspect large-area sewer pipe networks using pipe robotic capsules (Industrial Paper)
    Yu Gu, Wei Tu, Qingquan Li, Tianhong Zhao, Dingyi Zhao, Song Zhu and Jiasong Zhu

  • Disaster Damage Estimation from Real-time Population Dynamics using Graph Convolutional Network
    Keiichi Ochiai, Hiroto Akatsuka, Wataru Yamada and Masayuki Terada


Invited talk 2

Friday, November 5, 2021

Session 7: Transportation - 1

  • Weighted Stackelberg Algorithms for Road Traffic Optimization
    Kostas Kollias, Arun Chandrashekharapuram, Lisa Fawcett, Sreenivas Gollapudi and Ali Sinop

  • Conntrans: A Two-Stage Concentric Annealing Approach for Multi-Criteria Distributed Competitive Stationary Resource Searching
    Fandel Lin and Hsun-Ping Hsieh

  • Robust Routing Using Electrical Flows
    Ali Kemal Sinop, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Kostas Kollias and Lisa Fawcett

  • Dual-Attention Multi-Scale Graph Convolutional Networks for Highway Accident Delay Time Prediction
    I-Ying Wu, Fandel Lin and Hsun-Ping Hsieh

  • Tiering in Contraction and Edge Hierarchies for Stochastic Route Planning
    Payas Rajan and Chinya Ravishankar

Coffee Break

Statistics and Awards

Sponsor Session

Session 8: Transportation - 2

  • Route Reconstruction from Traffic Flow via Representative Trajectories
    Bram Custers, Wouter Meulemans, Bettina Speckmann and Kevin Verbeek

  • Learning Decision Making Strategies of Non-experts: A NEXT-GAIL Model for Taxi Drivers
    Menghai Pan, Xin Zhang, Yanhua Li, Xun Zhou and Jun Luo

  • Efficiency or Fairness? Carpooling Design for Online Ride-hailing Platform
    Chenbei Lu, Jiaman Wu, Chenye Wu, Yongli Qin, Qun Li and Nan Ma

  • Road Closure Detection based upon Multi-feature Fusion
    Shengcheng Cai, Tao Wu, Jiali Mao and Cheqing Jin

  • Vehicle Trajectory Recovery on Road Network via Traffic Camera Video Data
    Zongyu Lin, Guozhen Zhang, Zhiqun He, Jie Feng, Wei Wu and Yong Li

Coffee Break